Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seidokan Toide (tuidi)

The Seidokan system of tuidi (usually spelled "Toide" in Seidokan, but also commonly spelled tuite) is more or less directly derived from the tuidi of Motobu Udundi. Seidokan is well known for openly teaching tuidi. In fact, I believe that Toma Shian shinshi may have been the first Okinawan instructor to openly teach Westerners the art of tuidi.

I personally find Seidokan tuidi to be extremely interesting and eyeopening. I believe that anyone who is interested in tuidi could benefit from exposure to Toma shinshi's Seidokan. To that end I have created this playlist which I hope will give viewers a reasonable overview of Seidokan's approach to the ancient Okinawan art of tuidi.