Monday, October 1, 2012

One Minute Bunkai™

I'm sure many people are already familiar with "One Minute Bunkai™" on YouTube. It appears to be the creation mainly of Angel Lemus and a few associates. Lemus shinshi is a long time practitioner of Okinawan karate (Sukunaihayashi-ryu [Shorin-ryu], Goju-ryu and more) and has been sharing his understanding of kata and bunkai on YouTube for the last year.

I want to strongly recommend his channel as a very worthwhile source of information and inspiration. While there are other Okinawan stylists sharing excellent quality bunkai, Lemus shinshi (and company) are somewhat unique in that their videos are all completely free and the production quality is very high. Typically, videos teaching excellent quality bunkai will either cost you money (sometimes a LOT of money) or they will have very low production quality.

Here are three of Lemus shinshi's One Minute Bunkai™ videos on Naihanchi Shodan kata.

I self-deprecatingly offer my own YouTube video on bunkai for Naihanchi Shodan as a comparison (knowing full well that this comparison will not be very favorable).

While I believe all of these videos offer good bunkai, my video is not even in the same league as One Minute Bunkai™ in terms of clarity and production quality. So be sure to check out the One Minute Bunkai™ channel. You'll be glad you did.