Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oyata Seiyu shinshii (circa 1980)

As I have mentioned here before, I believe Oyata Seiyu shinshii was instrumental in the preservation of many nigh forgotten aspects of the Suidi (Shuri-te) family of Okinawan martial arts. Far more importantly, he triggered an awareness of the deeper combative value of Okinawan martial arts kata (Tichiki / old-style Okinawan bunkai) beginning in the early 1980s.

This awareness rippled throughout the karate community and Oyata shinshii can be credited to a large degree with triggering what has been called the "bunkai revolution" of the 1990s.

I personally believe the awareness of practical bunkai that Oyata shinshii initiated was of similar importance to the work being done in promoting functional Okinawan bunkai by Taira Masaji shinshii over the last several years. [Obviously Taira shinshii has been doing this much longer than a few years, I am speaking more about the way he is currently engaging a much larger segment of the karate world]. (see Taira shinshii's videos)

I also personally believe that the martial arts of these two Okinawan masters (one of Suidi lineage; the other of Nafadi lineage) have far more commonality than is generally realized. I suspect this will gradually become clearer to the karate community as time passes.

The following video is apparently from circa 1980 which would make it quite early in Oyata shinshii's "spreading of the bunkai gospel".

The sound quality is poor, and it is often difficult to see exactly what is going on, but this is made up for by the quality of the content. In my opinion this should be regarded as a valuable historical resource and should be treasured by those intelligent enough to add it to their library.

I sincerely hope you find it useful.