Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moveable Indoor Makiwara: Dimensions & Design

"There are no karate men who do not use the Makiwara."
 - Nagamine Shoshin shinshii

This is the first of a series of posts on Machiwara training. I thought it best to start out by offering a look at a couple of simple designs for moveable indoor machiwara which can be constructed with a minimal amount of skill required. Building these two machiwara cost less than $100 total and they have held up to many months of daily abuse so far (with only minimal maintenance).

Heavy Duty Moveable Indoor Tachi-Machiwara

The vertical "shaft" of the machiwara is constructed of 3 separate pieces or Red Oak (1" thick, 1/2" thick, and 1" thick again). The three boards are all 4" wide and are fastened together with a high strength bonding agent called "Gorilla Glue" as well as a few wood screws for extra strength.

This is designed for a person 75 inches tall. Adjust proportionally to your height.

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Light & Flexible Moveable Indoor Tachi-Machiwara 

The light tachi-machiwara below is made of a single piece of 1" X 4" Red Oak. Being more flexible than a machiwara which is thicker at the base it is used for training with Keikoken, Nakadakaken, Boshiken, and similar strikes which utilize small surface areas. Like the heavy duty machiwara it still provides progressive resistance (meaning the more force that is applied the greater the resistance).

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