Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hojo Undo and Martial Makers

Hojo Undo methods are a category of "supplementary exercises" (involving specialized equipment) that are utilized in Okinawan martial arts. Most of these methods fall into one of two categories: 1) weight resistance tools for "functional strength" training and 2) tools which involve various types of impact conditioning. Most of these methods had a long history in China before they were imported to Okinawa.
There is so much discussion of Hojo Undo in various groups that I felt there was enough interest in the topic to warrant creating an independent group dedicated to it. IMHO the popularity of "functional strength training", shows how Hojo Undo is actually "coming into its own". Most of the weight resistance tools used in Hojo Undo have modern/Western equivalents: Chi-ishi = Clubbell, Big Chi-ishi = Macebell, Tetsuarei = Dumbell, Ishi-sashi = Kettlebell, Tan = Barbell, and so on...

Somebody should quickly patent the "Jarbell" (and thus corner the Nigiri-game market) and introduce the newest exercise fad to the world ;-)
Anyway, everyone is invited to join:

There is another webpage that is quite closely related that I wish to bring to people attention. It is called Martial Makers and this is how the site describes itself:

"Martial Makers, a website devoted to do-it-yourself martial arts training equipment.
This site will feature links to great examples of DIY projects from around the internet as well as original how-to guides for making your own high quality martial arts training gear at a fraction of the cost of purchasing similar equipment, and using materials that are easily available.
Curious about how to make your very own traditional training implements? Want to create a custom, home-made version of an expensive modern training apparatus? Love duct tape? Then you’ve come to the right place!"

Here is the link:
The "Martial Makers" Webpage

So now that you've visited these pages and have built some equipment the question is "how do I use it?" Here is a YouTube playlist that will show you the basics (and even a bit that is not so basic):

I hope that you find these resources useful in your journey.

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  1. I wish the high quality dojos like these could be opened in my hometown.