Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuidi in "old style" karate & Naihanchi (mini-post)

Here is a short entry from the Motobu-ryu Facebook page. This is the group headed by Motobu Chosei shinshii who is the son of famed karate master and fighter Motobu Choki shinshii. Motobu Chosei shinshii is the current headmaster of both Motobu Kenpo and Motobu Udundi. This entry discusses the existence of Tuidi [取手] within "old-style karate" and especially within Naihanchi series of kata. "Tuidi" [トゥィーディ] or "Tuiti" [トゥィーティ] is the Uchinaaguchi word meaning "seizing techniques" and refers to the old Okinawan joint locking art.

Thanks to Ulf Karlsson for finding this post and sharing it in the _Naihanchi no Kenkyu_ Facebook group. I felt many people here would likely be interested as well.

Notice how Motobu shinshii has established muchimi (adhesion) with his leg, is locking the opponent's right arm and is trapping his opponent's left arm. Such multifaceted control is the hallmark of an advanced and very sophisticated approach to tuidi.


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