Sunday, February 22, 2015

Attracting Interest in the Ryukyu Martial Arts

Over the last few years I have tried to become more active in attracting interest into good quality martial arts from the Ryukyu archipelago. To this end a number of internet resources have been created. I've been asked by several people to create a list of the resources. Please feel free to share it if you are so inclined:

Ryukyu Martial Arts Blog

Free Ryukyu Martial Arts Videos (My YouTube Channel)

Facebook Groups:
Ryukyu Martial Arts (Research and General Discussion)

Naihanchi no kenkyu

Hojo Undo

Ryukyu Martial Arts: (Practical Applications & Training)

Practical Martial Qigong (Kiko)

Sanchin no Kenkyu

Ruuchuu Buji (my personal page)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for these resources - this is a very important thing that you do here.

    I do not wish to criticize anyone, but I have watched with some unease the advent of MMA and how a great many of the younger generation seem to be attracted to it rather than to many traditional martial arts. I feel this is a pity, as martial arts like okinawan Karate are not only traditional warrior arts, but also very effective in building warrior capability and spirit.

    Thus, in today's world it is good for us to keep the spirit of the okinawan - and indeed of all the traditional martial arts - burning bright. Thus, these shared resources are a public service!