Thursday, November 26, 2015

3 Basic Machiwara Exercises (For Short-Power)

Here are three very simple and very basic exercises using a makiwara to build short-power. Even though these are very basic exercises, this doesn't mean that experienced karateka can not benefit from them! Indeed, I can virtually guarantee that practitioners who have never tried these exercises can make substantial gains in sort-power relatively quickly by practicing these three methods daily.

BTW, this makiwara is made of red-oak, making it relatively stiff. despite being relatively long (the pad height in the video is that of the Sui-Machiwara (Shuri-Makiawara) which is significantly higher than the Nafa-Machiwara (Naha-Makiwara). The Nafa-Machiwara being much easier to use correctly, because the force is delivered forward and -downwards-. Delivering force downwards in a punch is much easier because it flows with gravity and it more or less guarantees decent shoulder alignment. 


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  4. great video!, thanks for sharing!, love the second exercise...

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  7. I've always liked the makiwara in preference to just about any other strike-power-improvement tool. I especially prefer the floor mounted version we use in the Gyokku Ninja Clan

  8. Some say that the Makiwara is descended from the ancient practice of striking trees - the flexibility of the tree itself is represented in the flexible stand of a makiwara - on the other hand, it might just have been the invention of a good master.

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    1. Please go away... I really want NOTHING to do with your Gyokku Ninjustu... or whatever make believe nonsense you might be selling.

    2. No offense sir. I have nothing but respect for the Okinawan arts, having practiced Ryukyu kobujutsu myself in my youth. I will no longer comment on your page, which is also a well-written tribute to these arts.

      We are not a commercial organization.

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