Thursday, January 31, 2013

Naihanchi Shodan Analysis: (Basic to Intermediate)

This video is meant to be an instructional video and all techniques are performed slowly and typically with a distinct staccato rhythm. This is merely a teaching/learning device. It should go without saying that once proficiency has been achieved, these techniques are to be performed very quickly and smoothly.

Part 1 examines how highly functional bunkai can be extracted from Naihanchi Shodan by applying 2 very simple “rules”. The first “rule” allows you to determine what each hand is doing in each technique. Rule 2 explains how the directionality in the kata relates to “tenshin” or “body rotation”.

Part one also teaches a basic but important "tenshin" drill and illustrates how these basic bunkai “rules” unite the kata, the "tenshin" drill, and the functional bunkai.

Part 2 Begins to examine intermediate level bunkai principles by moving beyond “single waza” bunkai into such important topics as kata combination bunkai and how the kata systematically teaches how to effectively deal with an opponent’s attempts to counter your techniques. The kata is highly proactive in this regard using the natural defensive reaction of the opponent to quickly establish control.

It also teaches a version of the earlier tenshin drill done with a partner to help develop trapping skills and instincts.

The bunkai in this video emphasize simple trapping and striking techniques although a few Tuidi (joint locking) techniques are shown during the course of the video

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