Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sanchin Basic Analysis 三戦基本分解

This is just my personal take on applications for Sanchin. I also do a bunch of variations on these techniques in response to multiple punches but I figured it was best to start with single attack bunkai before exploring more complex principles in the kata.

These bunkai are simple applications and follow the motions of the kata very closely. They are pretty much "what you see is what you get" applications. This is appropriate given that Sanchin is itself a kihon-kata. I'll get around to posting the slightly more complex bunkai and combinations from Sanchin dealing with multiple punches (and the like) sometime in the future.

Techniques are intentionally performed in a staccato 1-2-3 rhythm to facilitate learning. Once they are learned it is a very simple matter to do the techniques in one smooth continuous motion.

 Sorry about my bad performance and form. It is the best I can do post GBS.

Some of you may be wondering why it took me so long to start posting new material on my YouTube Channel?

As many people know, I got my butt kicked by Guillain Barre Syndrome (aka "French Polio" or "Landry's paralysis"). The loss of muscle mass and physical coordination has been fairly pronounced. The diminished level of physical activity has not done my waistline any favors (neither did turning 40 for that matter). ;-)

I have recovered much of my strength and coordination, but I am still pretty self-conscious about my clumsy hands and plodding footwork. I'm not real happy about the weight gain either.

This has made me very reluctant to complete my planned bunkai video projects. I have promised several people videos on Naihanchi trapping, Sanchin Bunaki, and a short clip showing three Okinawan "sensitivity drills" (my favorite three).

I've recovered enough physical ability to try recording a few things but I have to warn you that you will not be impressed...

However, further procrastination won't provide much incentive to work on regaining my previous skills. So, I am now filming new material for the channel.